Randy Jefferson

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Applied Studies

Born in Canada, Randy Jefferson graduated with honors from the University of Manitoba and is currently a licensed architect in California and a member of the RAIC. Jefferson’s experience encompasses all aspects of architectural design, building system design and development, project and team management, contracts, process and operations management and firm management. Jefferson’s projects include Museum, Performing Arts, Corporate and Government Office, Law Courts, Commercial Office, Hotel, Winery, Non-profit Hospice, Ice Arena, Conference Center, Restaurant, Exhibition and Residential projects. Chronologically Jefferson’s career developed as principal/partner within Arthur Erickson Architects (1972-1984), Langdon Wilson Architects (1984-1992) and Gehry Partners (1992-2004). In addition to the many notable worldwide projects with Erickson and Gehry, Jefferson collaborated as the Executive Architect in the design and technical development of projects with IM Pei, Cesar Pelli, Bill Pederson, Michael Graves, Ricardo Legorreta, Laurie Olin, Kisho Kurokawa and Buzz Yudell during the period with Langdon Wilson. Jefferson is currently the Executive Director of Project development with LT Global Investment Inc. in Los Angeles.