Senior SCI-Arc Faculty Member Honored in DesignIntelligence 25 Most Admired Educators

The annual DesignIntelligence ranking for 2016-2017 names Senior SCI-Arc Faculty Member Coy Howard on its list of 25 Most Admired Educators. Selected by the DesignIntelligence staff and confirmed by thousands of design professionals, academic department heads, and students, the list is designed to honor excellence in education and education administration.

“I am honored,” Howard says. “This honor completes a surprising year for me, following the success of my book The Thickening of Time, and having some of my early graphic designs added to several museums' permanent collections, including The Los Angeles County Museum of Art; The Art Institute of Chicago; The Denver Museum of Art; The Art, Architecture, and Design Museum of The University of California at Santa Barbara.”

According to the DesignIntelligence ranking:

“I have been blessed with the incredible privilege of teaching [and] I am grateful to all my students and associates for the years of shared exploration and discovery, as well as to DI for the honor,” Howard says. 

Howard joins prior SCI-Arc faculty DesignIntelligence honorees including former director Eric Owen Moss, former director Michael Rotondi (B.Arch ’74), and Wes Jones.

Additionally, SCI-Arc is listed by DesignIntelligence as the No. 2 in Undergraduate Programs and the No. 4 Graduate Programs Most Admired by Deans and Chairs in the Top 25 Programs of 2016-2017. Of the 154 NAAB accredited architectural programs in the United States, SCI-Arc ranked in seven categories, placing in more categories than other any other school in the nation

Coy Howard 'From Hand to Mouse, From Furniture to Architecture", 2010 exhibition in the SCI-Arc Gallery