Former Director Eric Owen Moss Receives AIA Honor Award

Eric Owen Moss Architects received a 2016 AIA Institute Honor Awards for Architecture for Pterodactyl, located in Culver City.


"The Institute Honor Awards program recognizes achievements for a broad range of architectural activity to elevate the general quality of architecture practice, establish a standard of excellence against which all architects can measure performance, and inform the public of the breadth and value of architecture practice." The roughly 16,000-square-foot Pterodactyl, described by its designers as an "intersection of nine elevated rectangular boxes," was built atop an existing parking garage located in a complex of new and remodeled buildings in Culver City. With the addition of Pterodactyl in 2015, the final element of the Wedgewood Holly complex along the Hayden Tract is complete. The complex consists of five buildings, all designed by EOMA: Stealth, Umbrella, Slash, Backslash and now, Pterodactyl.