Announcing the SCI-Arc Mexico Scholarship

SCI-Arc is thrilled to announce the launch of a new scholarship for young Mexican architects. The SCI-Arc Mexico 2016 Scholarship will cover 100% of tuition for the Master of Architecture M.Arch 2 (two year) program at the SCI-Arc campus in Los Angeles. As SCI-Arc’s presence in Mexico expands, the school is eager to enable top talent from Mexico to study at SCI-Arc in LA. A jury comprised of international architects and educators will announce the award recipient on in mid-June. Eligible candidates must be Mexican citizen by birth or naturalization and will have received an undergraduate degree in architecture at a college/university (inside or outside of Mexico).

“Los Angeles has a symbiotic relation with Mexico and Latin America at large,” said Director Hernan Diaz Alonso. “And since Mexico has one of the most sophisticated traditions in architecture, it is a natural fit for SCI-Arc. We are inspired and excited to expand our commitment to Mexican architects via this scholarship, the first one at SCI-Arc of its kind. And for obvious reasons, the region is very close to my heart"

SCI-Arc recently launched its satellite in Mexico City. SCI-Arc Mexico, coordinated by Architect Francisco Pardo, got off to an impressive start this past March with a series of international exchange studios, exhibitions, conferences and a symposium. Special guests included Thom Mayne, Hernan Diaz Alonso, Elena Manferdini, Tom Wiscombe, John Enright, Carlos Zedillo and Alejandro Hernández. The events were held at 108 Bucareli, a design hub in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Juarez right in the heart of Mexico City.