2016 Gehry Prize Winners Announced

The 2016 Graduate Thesis Weekend culminated at the graduation ceremony on Sunday, September 11 with the awarding of the Gehry Prize by SCI-Arc Director Hernan Diaz Alonso to two students for Best Graduate Thesis: Patrick Geske and Huijin ZhengMerit Graduate Thesis Awards were given to Daniel Hapton, Elena Larionova, Kenji Hattori, Anhuar Farah Made Jaber, Christian Kisereu, Majeda Alhina, Oscar Abrahamsson, Paul Krist and Polina Alexeeva.          

The weekend’s events included reviews of the 81 thesis projects with over 50 critics including SCI-Arc faculty and invited guests. Critics included Thom Mayne, Francisco Pardo, Jennifer Siegal (M.Arch ’94) Jeffrey Kipnis, Didier Faustino, Dominique Jakob, Brendan MacFarlane, Barbara Bestor (M.Arch ’94), Pippo Ciorra, special thesis advisor Brett Steele and Graduate Thesis Coordinator Florencia Pita. The thesis projects will remain on view throughout the school until Friday, September 16. 

The juried exhibitionof exceptional thesis projects by 2016 graduates, featuring the 2016 Gehry Prize winning theses, and a selection of best graduate thesis projects, will be on view in the SCI-Arc Gallery from September 23 – October 2. 

Patrick Geske Jury

Graduate Thesis review of Gehry Prize winner Patrick Geske with a jury featuring Elena Manferdini, Anna Neimark, Andrew Zago, Dwayne Oyler, Sylvia Lavin, Birgit Lohmann, Pippo Ciorra, Donald Bates, Bruno Juricic, Ciro Najle, Jordan Kaufmann, Steven Lauritano, Kristy Balliet, Todd Gannon, Craig Hodgets, and Hazem Ziada.