Master of Architecture

SCI-Arc offers two graduate Master of Architecture (M.Arch) programs: the three-year M.Arch 1 and the two-year M.Arch 2.

Students are admitted into the graduate programs in the fall term only. Admission is determined by a review of the applicant’s personal statement, resume, letters of recommendation, academic record, portfolio of architectural and creative work, and test scores. Applicants that have earned an undergraduate degree outside of the United States are required to have their transcripts officially evaluated in order to determine the degree’s equivalency to the United States educational system.

M.Arch 1 

M.Arch 1 is a three-year (seven-semester) program open to applicants who hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any field of study. The M.Arch 1 program provides a solid intellectual based and understanding of history, theory and technology and professional practice of architecture. 

Admissions portfolios for entry into the M.Arch 1 program do not require architectural design work. Drawing, sketching, painting, graphic design, photography, video, web design, sculpture, ceramics, and furniture design are examples of the types of work that may be included.  

M.Arch 1 applicants who have completed 6 or more architectural design studios may be considered for advanced placement into the M.Arch 1 program or entry into the M.Arch 2 program at the discretion of the Admissions Committee. Advanced placement is not available into M.Arch 2 program. 

Students who are considering transitioning into an architectural education are encouraged to take part in art, design, and or architecture courses and workshops. These courses can prove helpful to students looking to build a portfolio of visual creative work. SCI-Arc offers a four-week summer studio program Making+Meaning that is recommended as a preparatory course for admission to the M.Arch 1 program, and introduces the fundamentals of architecture experimentation and transformative design techniques. 

M.Arch 2 

M.Arch 2 is a two-year (five semester) program designed for applicants who have obtained one of the following specific degrees: Bachelor of Science (majoring in Architecture), Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Architecture) or a Bachelor of Architecture. The M.Arch 2 program is specifically designed to build upon and reconsider knowledge gained from undergraduate degrees in architecture. Extensive work experience does not substitute for the specific degree requirements. 

M.Arch 2 portfolios should include a range of complete architectural projects, represented through conceptual diagrams, drawings, digital renderings, physical models, animations/videos. Selected work should be presented in a clear and cohesive presentation. 

Introduction to Digital Design, a compact, intensive workshop offered prior to the fall term, is intended to provide entering students with the foundation in digital tools necessary to successfully meet the demands of the M.Arch 2 program.