Exchange Programs

SCI-Arc offers exchange programs with a variety of global university partners.


Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)
RMIT is a global university of technology and design and Australia’s largest tertiary institution. The range of courses available includes architecture, art, design, and environmental planning.


University of Applied Arts, Vienna
The University of Applied Arts in Vienna is home to more than one thousand students, many of whom come from other countries in Europe and overseas. The range of courses available encompasses architecture, fine art, and design.


Universidad Ibero-Americana, Mexico City (UIA)
One of Mexico’s leading universities, UIA provides an opportunity for students to look closely at problems of organization, architecture, and planning in an economy adjacent to the United States. Established in 1943 by Jesuits, the university’s flagship campus is in the Santa Fe district of Mexico City and offers thirty-six academic programs.

United Kingdom (grad only)

Bartlett School of Architecture
Located in the heart of London amid an impressive group of innovative architecture and engineering firms, the Bartlett School of Architecture forms part of the multidisciplinary Faculty of the Built Environment at University College London.