M.S. Architectural Technologies

The Master of Science in Architectural Technologies is a one-year program that provides hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies of architectural production as well as a robust conceptual and critical framework.

Coordinator: Marcelo Spina

Technologies come and go, but the general problem of technology and what we do with it as architects is perpetual. We cannot simply accept technologies as given to us from on high; as architects in the twenty-first century we must master existing technologies, develop new ones, and entirely rethink them in order to produce radical architectural effects.

Students acquire expertise in the realms of robotic fabrication, computational methods of form generation, additive manufacturing, and machine vision. In anticipation of future technologies that we haven’t yet seen and perhaps have yet to even imagine, the program also develops a robust conceptual and critical framework for understanding technology’s long-standing relationship to architecture in general.

As Cedric Price asked back in 1966: “Technology is the answer, but what was the question?”

The program requires attendance in the fall, spring, and summer terms.