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SCI-Arc’s graduate programs encourage an open-ended spirit of inquiry, actively responding to shifts in society, technology, and culture

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Accredited Graduate Programs

SCI-Arc’s graduate programs propel contemporary experimentation and formal explorations, and expand the boundaries of conventional architectural practice to offer students an alternative education that prioritizes collaboration between students, faculty, and leading professionals. All graduate programs are led by professionals actively engaged in architectural practice areas ranging from design and engineering to visual and cultural studies, who bring the world’s most pressing challenges to the built environment into the classrooms of SCI-Arc. Students work together to explore and prototype responses to contemporary architectural issues that are grounded in the history, theory, and professional practice of architecture.

For the past 45 years, SCI-Arc’s collaborative, immersive environment for students, theorists, and practitioners has empowered the next generation of architects. The graduate programs at SCI-Arc attract an internationally diverse student body to speculate and resolve imminent issues facing architecture, starting with present challenges.

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“We provide an environment that encourages an open exchange of creative ideas and technical knowledge through a collaborative educational model with a team of practitioners and theorists at the top of the field.” - Elena Manferdi, Graduate Program Chair

M.Arch 1: Architectural Experimentation

The M.Arch 1 three-year program provides students with an intellectual foundation and understanding of the history, theory, technologies, and professional practice of architecture. It is open to applicants who hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any field of study.

M.Arch 2: Reimagining Architecture

Open to students who already hold an undergraduate degree in architecture, M.Arch 2 at SCI-Arc is where inno-vation and cutting edge technology are applied to the field of architecture.

M.Arch 1 and M.Arch 2 come together for a joint thesis and exhibition

Since it’s founding, the Institute has maintained a tradition of graduate design thesis and the empowerment of the individual design vision on the global stage. The graduate thesis program at SCI-Arc represents the culmination of a rigorous curriculum and students’ ability to synthesize and produce critical architecture.

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"SCI-Arc is a place where students and instructors work together to further develop the architectural discourse. I have never witnessed this sort of passion and rigor in thinking about the different ways one can begin to think about design."    

Asmaa Abu Assaf M.Arch 2
Patrick Geske Jury

Grad Thesis Jury 2016

A global faculty of scholars engaged in contemporary architecture

Our faculty is comprised of practicing professionals who are actively pushing the boundaries of architecture, engineering, visual arts, and cultural studies. Upon program completion, SCI-Arc graduates emerge with sophisticated portfolios of work that make them highly competitive in the global architectural marketplace.

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