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Visual Studies Seminars  
Andrew Zago, Visual Studies Coordinator

The practice of architecture relies on systems of communication to conceive, de­velop, and subsequently represent and communicate architectural ideas, where the breadth of the work is reflected in the implied proficiencies of technical skills and visual culture.

The Visual Studies program takes a central role in the education of communi­cations techniques and required skills sets offered across the SCI-Arc course curriculum. It includes drawing tools ranging from generative diagramming to rep­resentation, project communication and project production documents. Students become familiar with established and emergent technologies and fabrication pro­cesses. The program sets the foundation for understanding the implications of working within the framework of communication systems. It fosters excellence, precision and critical engagement, and encourages highly creative work in which working methods, tools and their interfaces are interlaced.

The Visual Studies curriculum responds to the constantly evolving paradigms of architectural communication, introducing new tools within a progressively struc­tured program. New media instruments—ranging from advanced digital modeling and animation to the equipment for computer-controlled fabrication processes—complement established methods of drawing, such as planimetric and sectional representations, constructed perspective and freehand drawing and sketching.