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B.ARCH Undergraduate Degree Program

5 YEARS (10 Terms)

SCI-Arc’s Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) is a 5-year professional degree, accredited by NAAB (the National Architectural Accrediting Board), focusing on both design excellence and intellectual breadth through liberal arts education.

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The design culture of the B.Arch program is focused both on the discipline of architecture, in terms of its history, theory, techniques, and on the practice of architecture, in terms of building technology, innovative means of construction, and professional practice. The core of the program is the design studio, where students build visual literacy, learn design skills, test ideas, and receive continuous, personal feedback on their work from studio faculty. The studio faculty is made up of practicing architects, rather than pure academics, which allows students a window into the lives of architects, and provides options for pursuing professional internships outside the school. Students build, over 4 years of core design studio, a robust set of techniques and sensibilities for making and appreciating architecture. In their 5th year, students produce a Thesis Project, constituted by both a position in relation to contemporary architectural discourse and a highly developed architectural design presentation.

The B.Arch program includes a range of coursework in the arts and humanities, including art, art history, literature, history of the universe, new models of understanding nature, sociology, history of civilization, philosophy, rhetoric and debate, film, computation, and a range of other subjects. Included in this curriculum is a series of Masterclasses taught by international figures in their areas of expertise, engaging students by articulating their particular world views.

SCI-Arc prepares students to both enter practice and continue on to higher education in the world’s most competitive Graduate Programs. Students will graduate with a portfolio of sophisticated work that will be invaluable for getting traction in academic or professional life.

Advanced Placement Opportunities
Applicants who have completed architecture design studio coursework at other schools may apply for Advanced Placement into the SCI-Arc program. This placement is not guaranteed, but is determined by the Admissions Committee upon review of the applicant’s application materials, the most important of which is the portfolio of architectural and creative work. Transfer credit for non-studio courses is awarded by a comparison of course content. Only courses in which the student received a “B” or better are considered for transfer credit.

Tom Wiscombe
Undergraduate Program Chair

Contact us at 213.356.5320, or Request Information.