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SCI-Arc offers two post-professional degree programs: SCIFI Future Initiatives and Emerging Systems, Technologies & Media (ESTm). Students are admitted into these programs in the Fall term only. Successful candidates receive a Master of Design Research (MDesR) degree with an emphasis in City Design, Planning and Policy, or Emerging Systems, Technologies & Media, respectively.

The admissions deadline for Fall 2015 admission into the ESTm and SCIFI programs is April 15, 2014. Late applications may be considered on a case by case basis. Please visit the program pages for more details.

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Admission Deadlines
SCIFI - Future Initiatives (MDesR)
ESTm - Emerging Systems & Technologies (MDesR)

SCIFI Future Initiatives  
SCIFI is a one-year Master of Design Research (MDesR) program. As an intensive research-based, post-professional degree program and think tank dedicated to generating contemporary approaches to large-scale urban architecture, SCIFI's curriculum takes a sequential approach to understanding and rethinking city design-making. Students focus on identifying adaptive and holistic—rather than rigid and segmented—responses to economic, social and environmental pressures. The program connects students, academics, theorists and architects with public agencies, as well as those in private development, to generate debate regarding the role of cities and urban systems.

SCIFI is open to students with a professional degree in Architecture or a Bachelor degree or equivalent in any field. It requires attendance during the Fall, Spring and Summer terms.

For more information about SCIFI, visit the program page.

SCIFI Prerequisite: Students entering the SCIFI program should become familiar with the following software packages: Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, Maya, Rhino, and Flash.

ESTm Emerging Systems & Technologies  
ESTm is a one year post-professional degree program leading to a Master of Design Research Degree (MDesR) degree. An intensive design and research laboratory uniquely tailored for applicants with a professional degree in architecture, engineering or industrial design, ESTm focuses exclusively on technology as it applies to the present and future of design, computation, media, digital fabrication, robotic manufacturing, sustainable engineering, material ecologies and novel tectonics.

ESTm is open to applicants who have already completed a professional degree in Architecture (B.Arch), or its equivalent abroad. The program requires attendance during the Fall, Spring and Summer terms.

For more information about ESTm, visit the program page.

ESTm prerequisite: Introduction to Digital Design, a short, intensive workshop offered prior to the fall program start date, is intended to provide entering students with the foundation in digital tools necessary to successfully undertake the demands of the ESTm program.

Hernan Diaz Alonso
Graduate Programs Chair

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