Inside SCI-Arc

Board of Trustees

SCI-Arc's Board of Trustees is charged with the governance, accountability, and sustainability of the school. The board also works to ensure SCI-Arc upholds the mission it set out to accomplish forty years ago, testing the limits of architecture in order to transform existing conditions into the designs of the future.

Tom Gilmore

Hernan Diaz Alonso
SCI-Arc Director/CEO

Dan Swartz

Debbie Garcia (B.Arch '17)
Student Representative

Board Members at Large:

Richard Baptie

Joe Day (M.Arch '94)

Tim Disney

Rick Carter

William Fain

Anthony Ferguson

Frank O. Gehry

Russell Goings

Honorary Board Members:

Elyse Grinstein
Ray Kappe
Ian Robertson
Michael Rotondi (B.Arch '75)


Kevin Ratner
Vice Chair

Abby Sher

Andrew Zago
Faculty Representative

Dan Weinreber (M.Arch '02)
Alumni Representative

Scott Hughes (M.Arch '97)

Thom Mayne

Merry Norris

Greg Otto

Enrique Penalosa

Abigail (Abby) Scheuer (M.Arch '93)

Nick Seierup (B.Arch '79)

Ted Tanner