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Dear Colleagues,
The Media and Exhibit Committee of the SCI-Arc Alumni Council is pleased to announce the third Call for Entries for our SCI-Arc Alumni Portal, SCI-Arc Magazine and upcoming exhibits. We invite all alumni to submit their work in all lines of creative endeavors, from personal experiments to professional projects, collaborative installations, critical observations, works of fiction, essays and design interventions will all be considered.

Last year, we received hundreds of submissions which were featured online and in the SCI-Arc magazine. The submissions are curated and published as an alumni volunteer effort and our continued success is completely dependent on your participation. Over 400 hours of volunteer time has been invested so far and we wish to see this resource thrive with your support.

Looking forward to seeing your work!

When sending multiple projects, please use a separate email for each project.

Include the following information and materials in your submission:

  • Project Title

  • Project Description

  • Up to 10 images/videos of the project (preferably 1,200 pixels wide or larger at 72 D.P.I. in JPG format; include image captions if desired). Send images as individual files. Do not send content pre-formatted in a single PDF or JPG. Please number the content in the order you would like it to appear, in this format- LAST NAME_PROJECT TITLE_01
    - If any images were taken by a photographer which you need to credit, please include name and or copyright information. By submitting your work without photo copyrights, we assume you are the sole owner of project images provided.
    - When submitting audio or video files for a project, please include links to youtube/vimeo or similar online platforms. Do not submit raw files as we will not host them on our web servers.
  • Name, year of graduation and degree of SCI-Arc alumni participants and other pertinent information

  • If applicable, you may also include additional information such as location, status (built, unbuilt), square footage, etc.

  • Package all files into one zipped folder titled with the name of the project
Please send all submission materials to
Entries are due October 21st.

Please email your latest news to, using a format similar to the two class notes below:

Project News
Jeffrey Allsbrook (M.Arch ’95) and Silvia Kuhle of Standard designed the new Kayne Griffin Corcoran Gallery located on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles. This central gallery, with its coffered ceiling and lensed skylights, is the central feature of the design. The gallery also features a permanent James Turrell 'Skyspace' with a retractable roof, and Turrell programmed LED lighting built into the skylight design. The gallery opening is scheduled for May and the inaugural show is James Turrell's work, coinciding with his LACMA retrospective.

Award News
Jennifer Marmon (M.Arch ’01) and her Los Angeles practice Platform for Architecture + Research (PAR) received an AIA New York Merit Award for their zero carbon proposal for the Helsinki Library. The M House, one of Marmon’s current projects situated in a canyon near the Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory, is scheduled to top out this summer.


Dear Fellow Alumni,

Happy 40th Anniversary, SCI-Arc! I am sure that I speak on behalf of many of you when I say how proud I am to be a graduate of such an exceptional school. The recent 40th Celebration on campus during the weekend of April 19th and 20th reinforced just how impressive our alma mater is.

The academic work on view was exemplary, as was the installation by faculty member, Alexis Rochas. The gallery exhibition, A Confederacy of Heretics, confirms our community as a fundamental part of the history of design in LA and beyond, and positions SCI-Arc not only as a school of architecture, but as an icon of design evolution that continues to grow and strengthen. As alumni, the successes of the school over four decades are ours to celebrate.

And celebrate, we did! The energy on campus as people reconnected with the school and each other was electric, and the fact that $400,000 was raised for student scholarships is unparalleled. Never in the history of SCI-Arc have alumni and friends come together to support the school at that scale. It is heartening and encouraging knowing that collectively, we are a valuable force and resource in ensuring the continued prosperity of the school.

The challenge for us now is to keep the momentum of the 40th going. I hope you will use your renewed enthusiasm for the school to stay involved, or better yet – get more involved. Recruitment for the 2013/2014 Alumni Council is underway, so please make your interest known to a current member or to Sarah Sullivan, Chief Advancement Officer at or 213-356-5319.

I look forward to seeing more of you in SCI-Arc’s 41st year!


Cara Lee (M.Arch '96)
Chair, 2012-13 Alumni Council
Lee+mundwiler architects

2013-2014 Alumni Council Committees

Nominations Committee
1970's: Dean Nota (B.Arch '76)
1980's: Elizabeth Gibb (M.Arch '89)
1990's: Elissa Scrafano (M.Arch '90)
2000's: Nerin Kadribegovic (M.Arch '03)

Regional Committee
Chaired by ODAA
Miami -Steven Morales Suarez (B.Arch '04)
Mid-Atlantic States - Michael Cook (M.Arch '95)
Midwest – Joshua Coggeshall(M.Arch '97)
New York – Abby Scheuer (M.Arch '93)
Pacific Northwest – Eric Cheong(M.Arch '05)
Rocky Mountain States - Julee Herdt (M.Arch '88)
Japan – Mirai Morita (M.Arch '06)
Europe – Pia Schneider (M.Arch '86)
Mexico – Joe Tarr (M.Arch '08)
Korea: Samson Chua (M.Arch '02)

Open Season/Career Services Committee
Chaired by Santino Medina (M.Arch '06)
Johnny Ramirios (B.Arch '05)
Paras Nanavati (B.Arch '04)
Matthew Rosenberg (M.Arch '09)
Vlado Valkof (MRD '04)

Fundraising/Events Committee
Chaired by Elizabeth Gibb (M.Arch '89)
Elissa Scrafano (M.Arch '90)
Dean Nota (B.Arch '76)
Jennifer Marmon (M.Arch '01)
Tima Bell (M.Arch '99)
Scott Sullivan (M.Arch '99)
Naia Waters

Alumni Exhibits and Media Committee
Chaired by Dan Weinreber (M.Arch '02)
Santino Medina (M.Arch '06)
Joe Tarr (M.Arch '08)
Vlado Valkof (MRD '04)
Naia Waters

Faculty Alumni Representative
Michael Folonis (B.Arch '78)

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