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Dear Fellow Alumni,

As chair of the Alumni Council, I am fortunate to spend time at SCI-Arc throughout the year, and be involved with the alumni program. At the end of the semester, I am pleased to report on our activities this past year, which as examples of our involvement, will show you how you can be engaged with our school once again.

We started the 2013-14 year with alumni involvement in the search process for the next director of SCI-Arc, as requested by the Board of Trustees. This spring, the Alumni Council hosted Open Season, an annual career event where students exhibit work, and during a networking reception, have the opportunity to meet representatives from small practices and large firms who are interested in hiring from SCI-Arc. I was impressed that nearly 70 students chose to participate. Additionally, to help students prepare for the event and their job searches in general, we held a workshop led by alumni who gave students direct feedback on their resumes and portfolios. The Council looks forward to offering more opportunities like this for alumni to volunteer their time and expertise to benefit today’s students, especially as they transition from their academic endeavors to working members of our professional community.

At our March meeting, we invited Hernan Diaz Alonso and John Enright to talk with us about the undergraduate and graduate programs, and later John led us on a tour of school. We had a discussion about how SCI-Arc recruits top students and how scholarship support plays a crucial role in forming a talented, diverse student body. We let Hernan and John know that as alumni we are here to help move the school forward. We can be ambassadors for the school in our professional and social networks, and we can contribute to SCI-Arc’s scholarship funds to help attract prospective students.

Lastly, our activities focused on strengthening the alumni community by getting to know one another. The Council held a Pecha Kucha, which was a great way to show support for each another as we learned about our work and interests. In April, the Class of 1989 held a 25-year reunion at SCI-Arc, which brought together friends from around the world, some of whom had not seen each other since graduating. Faculty members and friends including Ray and Shelley Kappe, Dean Nota (B.Arch ’76), Robert Mangurian and Mary-Ann Ray, Michael Rotondi (B.Arch ’75) and Bill Simonian joined the class to celebrate. This event was the first of many more 25th reunions.

I hope you will join our efforts by being an active member of the SCI-Arc alumni community. Connect with alumni groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Share your projects on the Alumni Portal. Search for job candidates through SCI-Arc. Volunteer your office or home for a school event. Send in a Class Note. Make a gift to support the future generation of architects at SCI-Arc. And, consider joining the Alumni Council. The options are infinite and diverse!

We look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you in the near future.


Cara Lee (M.Arch ’96)
Chair, 2013-14 Alumni Council
Founder, lee+mundwiler

Please email your latest news to, using a format similar to the two class notes below:

Project News
Jeffrey Allsbrook (M.Arch ’95) and Silvia Kuhle of Standard designed the new Kayne Griffin Corcoran Gallery located on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles. This central gallery, with its coffered ceiling and lensed skylights, is the central feature of the design. The gallery also features a permanent James Turrell 'Skyspace' with a retractable roof, and Turrell programmed LED lighting built into the skylight design. The gallery opening is scheduled for May and the inaugural show is James Turrell's work, coinciding with his LACMA retrospective.

Award News
Jennifer Marmon (M.Arch ’01) and her Los Angeles practice Platform for Architecture + Research (PAR) received an AIA New York Merit Award for their zero carbon proposal for the Helsinki Library. The M House, one of Marmon’s current projects situated in a canyon near the Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory, is scheduled to top out this summer.


Tima Bell (M.Arch ’99)
Elizabeth Gibb (M.Arch ’89)
Luis Herrera (B.Arch ’01)
Nerin Kadribegovic (M.Arch ’03)
Cara Lee (M.Arch ’96)
Jennifer Marmon (M.Arch ’01)
Santino Medina (M.Arch ’06)
Paras Nanavati (B.Arch ’04)
Dean Nota (B.Arch ’76)
Johnny Ramirios (B.Arch ’05)
Matthew Rosenberg (M.Arch ’09)
Elissa Scrafano (M.Arch ’90)
Poonam Sharma (M.Arch ’01)
Scott Sullivan (M.Arch ’99)
Joe Tarr (M.Arch ’08)
Vlado Valkof (MRD ’04)
Naia Waters (’99)
Dan Weinreber (M.Arch ’02)
Kevin Wronske (B.Arch ’02)


Regional Members
Miami: Steven Morales Suarez (B.Arch ’04)
Mid-Atlantic: Michael Cook (M.Arch ’95)
Midwest: Joshua Coggeshall (M.Arch '97)
New York: Abigail Scheuer (M.Arch ’93)
Pacific NW: Eric Cheong (M.Arch ’05)
Rocky Mt.: Julee Herdt (M.Arch ‘88)
Japan: Chikara Inamura (B.Arch ’06)
Europe: Pia Schneider (M.Arch ’86)
Mexico: Ana Paula Ruiz Galindo (M.Arch ’07)
Korea: Joori Chun (B.Arch ’03)
China: Kaiming Lin (B.Arch ’12)

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