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SCI-Arc Faculty Hosts Advanced Design Workshops in Turkey and Greece

SCI-Arc faculty member Erick Carcamo and partner Nefeli Chatzimina of X│Atelier are hosting three intensive workshops of advanced architectural design this summer, one in Istanbul, Turkey and two in Athens, Greece.

Part of an ongoing academic research which introduces participants into contemporary discussions of formal exploration in Architecture and Art, the workshops explore innovative, potential architectural expressions of the current discourse around form through computational tools such as Autodesk MAYA.

The workshops focus on technique elaboration, material intelligence, formal logic efficiencies and precision assemblies as an ultimate condition of design. They introduce a discourse based in the use of multi-layered techniques and production processes allowing for control over intelligent geometries, calibration of parts, and behavioral taxonomies, normalizing an innovative held of predictability.

Within this context, each student will operate within an expertise towards intuition by means of software and advancement of the discipline through a precise contemporary understanding of architecture’s reliance on surface performance, unspecified systems, scale within scale, mechanical parts and absurd precisions to expand its discourse.

Dubbed Prothesis, the three workshops are organized under the auspices of the Benaki Museum, the Helenic Institute of Architecture, the Athens School of Fine Arts and the Istanbul Technical University, respectively.

Workshop sessions are scheduled June 17-28th in Istanbul, Turkey and July 1-12th and July 15t-26th at the Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece.

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