Inside SCI-Arc


Installation Publishes SCI-Arc@40 Special Feature

The recently published Architecture & Design issue from Installation Magazine, a weekly publication for the iPad and iPhone, includes an exceptional profile on SCI-Arc and several of the school's alumni from the past four decades who have significantly contributed to the advancement of the profession.

In one of its most ambitious weekly issues to date, Installation celebrates the school's tradition of architectural experimentation with an interactive “Discover SCI-Arc@40” anniversary timeline of notable alumni, including images of some of their most radical projects providing new responses to the real needs and aspirations of today's world. The issue offers readers an opportunity to look back at the accomplishments of the school and to look ahead to the creative minds that inspire and shape the future, in Los Angeles and around the world.

Among alumni featured are Rania Alomar (M.Arch ’97), Jeffrey Allsbrook (M.Arch ’95), Matthew Au (M.Arch ’11), Annie Chu (B.Arch ’82) and Rick Gooding (B.Arch ’84), Samson Chua (M.Arch ’02), Tiffany Shaw-Collinge (M.Arch ’12), Benjamin Ball (B.Arch ’03) and Gaston Nogues (B.Arch ’93), Barbara Bestor (M.Arch ’92), Eric Cheong (M.Arch ’05), Joe Day (M.Arch ’94), Michael Folonis (B.Arch ’79), Adam Goldstein (M.Arch ’01), David Hertz (B.Arch ’83), Hyon Cara Lee (M.Arch ’96) and Stephan Mundwilder (M.Arch ’95), Christopher Mercier (M.Arch ’91), Dean Nota (B.Arch '76), Matthew Rosenberg (M.Arch ’09), F.Myles Sciotto (M.Arch ’09), Nick Seierup (B.Arch ’79), Liz von Hasseln (M.Arch ’12) and Kyle von Hasseln (M.Arch ’12), and Kevin Wronske (B.Arch ’02).

A weekly curated arts and lifestyle publication, Installation is available for the iPad and iPhone, and can be downloaded at the Apple Store. Its Architecture + Design issue can be downloaded at