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Manferdini Completes Art Installations in New York, UK

SCI-Arc faculty Elena Manferdini, principal of Atelier Manferdini, was recently at work completing two large scale projects in New York and United Kingdom: an interactive installation for Sephora’s sleek, newly opened store in New York’s Meatpacking District, and an inverted crystal cathedral for the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery in the UK.

Sensorium/Lucid Dreams/Sephora, New York City

Launched in a star-studded event September 16, Sephora’s new boutique store in NYC features Manferdini’s Sensorium/Lucid Dream (shown above), a multimedia, interactive experience which, by means of the sense of smell, drives visitors through an individual and instinctive journey through the Sensorium and the world of fragrances. Commissioned by Sephora and leading fragrance manufacturer Firmenich, the installation features scents created especially for the occasion, which populate the air of the Sensorium.

Manferdini designed responsive flowers for the release of perfumes, and laser-cut vinyl screens to host the video projection dreams. By smelling these flowers, visitors trigger multi-forms and multi-color holographic images projected on the screens and the surrounding environment.

Made exclusively out of Swarovski-donated crystal strands, Lost in Lace (shown right) is a new addition to the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery—one that explores the structural behavior of networks hung in space. The weight of the crystals pulled by the force of gravity determines the path and distribution of each cable. 1,000 strands constitute the vaulted surface of the "inverted crystal cathedral" greeting visitors as they make their way into the gallery.

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