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Alumni-led LAYER Completes Installation in San Diego

The Three Horned Beast and Baby Beast, two new installations by alumnae Emily White (M.Arc2 ‘06) and Lisa Little (M.Arch ‘06) of LAYER LA, were recently completed at the New Children's Museum in San Diego, where they will remain on view for the next two years. Together, they form the museum's Improv Theatre.

Part sculpture, part architecture and part creature, the Beast's multi-scaled, interlinked surfaces give glimpses through the space as kids perform inside the theatre.

LAYER's project is part of the show Trash, which focuses on the issues of material usage and recycling in art and architecture. Its material footprint is super minimal—the beasts are made of recycled, powdered coated aluminum, and the volume of material used is equal to a 2’x2’x2’ cube.

Trash opens October 15, and the New Children's Museum (200 West Island Ave., San Diego, CA) is open with free admission from 10am-4pm Saturday, October 15-16.