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Architectural Record, Architect Feature Jakob+MacFarlane’s Orange Cube in Lyon

Alum Brendan MacFarlane's (B.Arch '84) recently completed Orange Cube in Lyon, France is widely featured in the current editions of US magazines Architectural Record and Architect, after previously appearing—during its construction phase—on the cover of the first issue of the SCI-Arc Magazine.

The unconventional building, a privately financed commercial property, is situated in a formerly derelict industrial zone of Lyon where the rivers of Soane and Rhone meet. Its Pantone-like color scheme and façade of punctured and laser-cut aluminum, clearly sets the building apart from its neighbors.

Fellow alum Jason Payne (B.Arch '94), who interviewed Brendan MacFarlane for the launch issue of the SCI-Arc Magazine, aptly describes the projects by Jakob + MacFarlane:

While a variety of specific characteristics define the work—the use of novel fabrication methods, a tendency toward the topological, development of double-skin strategies, and the expert incorporation of emerging digital techniques—the overarching impulse has to do with what MacFarlane calls "an architecture of mediation," writes Payne. "Relying on static formal articulation of surfaces that appear to flow over and through their contexts, architecture’s lively interaction with environments both physical and social manifests as a dynamic expression of underlying compositional gestures." – Jason Payne, SCI-Arc Magazine No. 1

Read the feature in Architectural Record, whose May 2011 issue has the building on the cover: Orange Cube by Jenna McKnight.

Read the article in Architect magazine: Design: Orange Cube by Mark Lamster.