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Drawing by Students Included in Hollywood Exhibition

Two digital drawings by SCI-Arc students Carmelia Chiang (B.Arch '12) and Kyd Kitchaiya (M.Arch 1 '11) are included in the annual drawing exhibition 2D3D-2: Drawing in the Post-Digital Age hosted by the Woodbury University Hollywood Exhibitions (WUHO) between April 14-May 1.

Both drawings were originally created as part of a visual studies seminar taught at SCI-Arc by Eric Kahn. They will also be exhibited as part of "Noirscapes," a group exhibition opening at the A+D Museum on May 3.

Chiang's digital work, "Kanonophobia in Noirscape," consists of a pinning drawing done physically and underlay with a GPS drawing. In her own words:

    Los Angeles plays its duality everyday.
    When night comes,
    the sunshine palmscape dismisses itself and turns into Noirscape.
    The vast horizontality is divided by territories.
    The dim zones are silent, and uninviting;
    The bright ones are continuing and leading to all other territories.
    The mystery of the other territories is frightening.
    One can become kanonophobic in the Noirscape…

Kanonophobia in Noirscape

Kitchaiya's drawing, "Love for Natural Phenomena/ Fear of Being Controlled" (shown below) was prepared using the same pin drawing technique.

Love for Natural Phenomena/ Fear of Being Controlled

The 2D3D-2 exhibition features 60 selected drawings and opens with a reception on Thursday, April 14. WUHO is located at 6518 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028.