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The Architect’s Newspaper Features Project by Alumnus Carlos Madrid

The Architect’s Newspaper highlights an AECOM project led by alumnus
Carlos Madrid III (M.Arch2 ’95) in its August 2010 Developers issue. The project, 207 Goode Street, is “a normal suburban office building but subverts the formula with simple moves that make it not only edgier design-wise but more effective in its urban context,” writes AN's Sam Lubell in his editorial, "Keep It Simple."

Surrounded by standard office buildings in downtown Glendale, 207 Goode Street is the clear nonconformist on the block. The building’s exterior, as described by Lubell, is “a cubed-shaped envelope with a flat profile and mullion-less mirrored glass curtain wall…but within this sheer envelope the firm carved holes into the typical scheme, both literally and figuratively.” Madrid and his team designed a “sleek port cochere and supported it with dramatic chevron-shaped columns that give the heavy structure a feeling of lightness and minimize the sense of an imposing block.”

“At night the building stands out even more thanks to its thin, dramatic bands of greenish LED lighting; the thin strips further demarcate the strategic cuts in the façade. As the back of the building touches the ground, a loggia connects it to a new paved courtyard and to the complex’s other buildings, helping create a new urban space where there was basically nothing.”

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