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Work by Alum Chris Mercier on View at the Lawrence Asher Gallery - Discussion on May 5, 7-8 pm

An exhibition of work by alum Christopher L. Mercier (M.Arch2 '91) of Inglewood-based (fer)Studio is on display at the Lawrence Asher Gallery in Los Angeles trough May 15. The display, Color {Space} Form, is a creative exploration into the depiction/construction of pictorial, sculptural and architectural space. At its heart, it posits an exploration into the vision of contemporary space.

In connection to the exhibition, Mercier will host a discussion on the relationship of fine art and architecture, in conversation with art critic and curator Peter Frank. The event is scheduled Wednesday, May 5, 7-8pm, at the Lawrence Asher Gallery.

In the artist's own words:

Color {Space} Form investigates the experience of contemporary spatial structure. It does so through a crossing of what are understood to be three different types of spatial conditions: Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. The belief is that although these three disciplines operate in different arenas of life, they actually share a similar spatial tradition and foundation.

Christopher Mercier's initial interest in architecture evolved out of his experiences as a young child fascinated by the arts. Throughout his entire life, he has consistently pursued simultaneous careers in both art (painting, sculpture) and architecture with numerous exhibits and shows. In his work, Mercier has always struggled to erase the separation imposed on these disciplines by contemporary society, in favor of a more 'Renaissance' approach to spatial thinking.

Lawrence Asher Gallery is located at 5820 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, across the street from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and adjacent to the Craft and Folk Art Museum. For more information, visit