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Manferdini to Lecture at Berlin Institute of Technology

SCI-Arc design faculty Elena Manferdini of Atelier Manferdini will participate in the Berlin Institute of Technology conference, The Digital Sublime. Effect and Affect in the Architecture of the Second Digital Age.

Held January 15-16, the event will bring together internationally renowned architects, architecture theorists and historians including Jürgen Mayer H. (Berlin), Matthias Kohler (ERH Zürich), Matthias Sauerbruch (Berlin), Mario Carpo (Yale), Kurt Forster (Yale), Philip Ursprung (ETH Zurich), Gerd de Bruyn (Stuttgart), Mona Mahal (Stuttgart) and Susanne Hauser (Berlin).

The conference will also feature a public presentation of the German translation of Mario Carpo's book Alphabeth and Algorithm.