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Hernan Diaz Alonso and SCI-Arc Students Participate in Barcelona Rethinking Cities Symposium

SCI-Arc Graduate Programs Chair Hernan Diaz Alonso will lecture in the 6th Urban Research and Knowledge Symposium—Rethinking Cities: Framing the Future held October 8-10 in Barcelona, Spain.

Organized by The World Bank, the event seeks to contribute and inform policy choices that can help policymakers manage potential economic efficiency, environmental sustainability and social equity tradeoffs associated with urbanization.

In parallel with the symposium, a collective exhibition dubbed My Very Own City will showcase work by SCI-Arc students alongside other projects and forward initiatives carried out by 23 universities worldwide, representing a wide range of perspectives into the concept of Rethinking Cities. From utopias to subtle interventions, these projects become a collective reflection on future and present cities.

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