Inside SCI-Arc


Dwayne Oyler & Jenny Wu
Juan Herreros: Dialogue Architecture
Ramiro Diaz-Granados, Andrew Zago and Marcelyn Gow: Gallery Exhibition Discussion
John Enright: Recent Threads
Sylvia Lavin: Lecture Canceled
Michel Rojkind: Over Stimulation
Cliff Garten: Civic Material
Peter Noever: Contemporary Art Territory '21
SCI-Arc Hosts Dorkbot SoCal in the Robotics & Simulation Lab
John Southern: Seeding Production, Explorations and Conjecture in Contemporary Culture
Jonah Rowen: Labyrinths
Mark Foster Gage: Design Liquidity
Jose Oubrerie: Architecture in a Time of Uncertainty
Architecture & Politics: A Roundtable Discussion with Jeff Kipnis, Thom Mayne & Eric Owen Moss
Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas: Back to the Future
Odile Decq: Beyond Horizon
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