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Patrik Schumacher + Eric Owen Moss: "Pleated Shell Structures" Exhibition Discussion
Angewandte Competition Symposium: Why Bother?
Patrik Schumacher: Parametric Semiology
Eui-Sung Yi: The Struggle for National Identity and Symbolism in Government Projects: Korean Embassy in Japan and Incheon International Airport Terminal 2
Benjamin Shapiro & Brian Whitman: The Donkey vs. the Elephant
SCI-Arc Online Media Archive: Official Launch
Peter Zellner: Practices & Projects
Paul Goldberger: Criticism, Architecture and the Age of Twitter
Alexis Rochas + Eric Owen Moss: Library Exhibition Discussion
2012 Graduate Thesis Weekend & Graduation Ceremony
Sylvia Lavin: Thesis Master Class Lecture
Ball-Nogues Studio Gallery Talk: Yevrus 1, Negative Impressions
SCI-Arc Robot House Fellows: where We are
Peter Cook + Eric Owen Moss: Gallery Exhibition Discussion
Alex McDowell: Building Worlds Terraforming the Narrative Space
Andrew Atwood: Machines and Drawings: 3 Urban Projects and 5 Doric Columns
Nicholas de Monchaux: Fashioning Apollo
ScanLAB Projects: Negotiating Zero Tolerance
Anthony Vidler: James Frazier Stirling: Notes from the Archive Crisis of Modernism
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