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Constance Vale: The Nocturama and The Salle de Pas Perdus*

Friday, March 20, 1pm
Room 160

This talk interrogates the transformative potential of animation as a generative design medium and as a physical property of architecture, while also relating a disciplinary argument concerning form relative to a logic of animation. The act of translation between media creates an inherent condition of multiplicity - of inputs and outputs - and instantiates a filmic conception of spatial mapping. In terms of space production, light, sound, hydrological and meteorological forces can be conceived of as environmental inputs, and the deformations of these within static architecture as fluctuating outputs.

Architecture animated with these inputs wields the ability to produce deviation from standard external realities. When form itself is animated, the potential to produce a divergent spatio-temporal order is heightened. In either case, this requires an architecture of interiority, a world unto itself that is reflexive or inward-looking, and form which is inherently multiple and heterogeneous. Looking to historical precedent, multiple form is characterized by parts that are not subordinate to the whole but rather participating in a figure-figure problem. Solid acting as poche, voids disengage from an axial or Euclidean system and respond instead to variable orders , creating worlds unto themselves.

Constance Vale is an instructor at SCI-Arc and co-founded Cot coT, a conceptual design practice based in Los Angeles. She holds a Master of Architecture from Yale University and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture from Parsons School of Design. She was awarded the Moulton Andrus Award for excellence in Art and Architecture and received two Feldman nominations while at Yale. She has four years of professional experience in New York and Pittsburgh.

*The Nocturama and the Salle des pas Perdus or Hall of Lost Footsteps (referenced from W.G. Sebald's novel Austerlitz) both involve a particular distortion of reality, producing sublime darkness or vastness that cause one to misread the space they occupy and lose relative spatial or temporal orientation.

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