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09.23.05 - 11.06.05 | SCI-Arc Gallery
Doris Sung : Do|Su Architecture: Closet[ed]

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The SCI-Arc Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Closet[ed] by Los-Angeles based architect, Doris Sung of Do|Su Architecture. This installation challenges issues of privacy and intimacy in open-floor-plan living by exposing the ironies of the closet space in the domicile. Hidden memories, digital data, compartmentalized psyches and collections of paraphernalia are some of the items contributing to the accumulation of "stuff" that modern culture cannot seem to forfeit, storing these irreplaceable items in every corner of the closet. In this gallery installation, the compressed closet space ironically takes on a richer program, expands to allow movement between closets, and better accommodates the human body and the need for intimacy. The extreme differences between these interstitial spaces and the common public spaces of a house lay groundwork for the development of a more complex layering system between public and private domestic space.

SCI-Arc design faculty since 2001, Doris Sung has also taught at Catholic University of America and University of Colorado after receiving degrees from Princeton University and Columbia University. Sung was awarded several grants which allowed her to open her office Do|Su Architecture in 1997. She has received several awards from the AIA and the ASID including the AIA Young Architect of the Year in 2001. Sung has exhibited and lectured nationally. Sung's work explores the phenomenon of architecture as an extension of the body and uses unconventional materials in construction of mechanical apparatuses. The contraptions that she creates speculate on the relationship between the animate body with inanimate forms such as clothing, prosthetic devices, household tools and architecture, offering new dimensions of experience and imagination. Currently, she is converting an Airstream trailer into an architectural prosthesis that will react to the movement of participants, and preparing for a separate exhibit on the Architectural Built-Ins: Sensible and Usable.

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