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11.30.04 - 11.30.04 | Kappe Library
Unit 16, Bartlett School of Architecture: Weights and Measure

SCI-Arc is pleased to present Weights and Measure, the work of Unit 16 at the Bartlett School of Architecture.

The opening on 30 November, 8pm will be accompanied by a lecture by Simon Herron and Susanne Isa who have been teaching at the Bartlett since 1991.

Weights and Measure::

The current preoccupation with measurement focuses on a perceived need to seek increased levels of efficiency through greater use of standardisation. Minimising difference in order to reduce unknowns, to mitigate risk, in every day life - this need to quantify, record, and validate, increases the pressure to conform. The unit is resisting this nauseating unconscious drift towards conformity. The work shown in this exhibition explores the underlying mechanisms at work and proposes counter programmes of the unplanned, the unexpected, the unimagined and the uncertain.