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02.11.05 - 05.22.05 | Kappe Library
Lane Barden: The Los Angeles River: Fifty-Two Miles Downstream

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The SCI-Arc Kappe Library is pleased to present new photographic work by faculty member Lane Barden. A sequence of 52 low altitude oblique aerial photographs taken from a helicopter will be installed at the north end of the SCI-Arc Kappe Library for this 12-week exhibition. These images provide a comprehensive visual tour of the Los Angeles River and the landscape it travels through, from the river's source at the west end of the San Fernando Valley to its mouth in Long Beach, 52 miles to the south. The Los Angeles River is recognized as an important natural and cultural resource for Los Angeles and as a vital part of Los Angeles' history, yet no single photograph can adequately describe the size and scope of its vast linear structure and the complexities of its surroundings. Lane Barden has conceived a series of photographs to create a detailed visual account of the Los Angeles River and its context within the landscape that is the city itself. Contained within each photograph are facts and visual details that relate what the river has become and its potential for the future.

Lane Barden is a Los Angeles-based photographer, teacher and writer. He has taught photography at SCI-Arc and the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He holds a BA in Sociology from Appalachian State University and an MA and MFA in Photography from the University of New Mexico. Barden has exhibited nationally and has published over 40 reviews, interviews, and feature articles on photography and contemporary art in numerous publications. Since 2001, he has developed plans and a project proposal for a seasonal waterway in the Los Angeles River in the Glendale Narrows between Spring Street and the Interstate 110 viaduct, utilizing a computer operated, inflatable rubber dam. His current interest is to define a hybrid form of landscape photography and aerial photography with the potential to create a serial, spatial iconography for observers of the 21st century landscape.