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09.17.04 - 12.05.04 | SCI-Arc Gallery
Jones, Partners: Architecture: Shuffle: an Experiment in the Mechanics of Spatial Affect

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Los Angeles-based architecture firm Jones, Partners: Architecture presented an exhibition at the SCI-Arc Gallery that dramatized the spatial influence of the column. An overhead framework of bridge cranes repositioned three simple columns within the gallery to produce different spatial arrangements among the columns, and between them and the surrounding walls of the space. The column's traditional structural role was suppressed in this demonstration/experiment, isolating its space-defining nature as the sole variable. In deference to the purity of the experience of their spatial affect, the movement of the columns is not featured, despite the clearly expressed means for affecting it. This restraint was relaxed at the end of the exhibit period, though, in an exuberant performance choreographed for the columns, accompanied by a string quartet.

Jones, Partners: Architecture is a small, internationally recognized, full service, technology-oriented architecture practice based in El Segundo, California. During its decade of existence as J,P:A and the preceding years as HHPJ, the firm's mechanically inspired designs for buildings, projects and ideas have won many awards, among them awards for the Astronaut's Memorial and UCLA Chiller Plant, the PRO/con building system, and the PRO/dek storage system, which was awarded a US Patent. Princeton Architectural Press has published a monograph, Instrumental Form, on the firm's early work and a second installment is underway, along with a volume devoted to projects using ISO standard shipping containers. The principals of J,P:A, Wes Jones and Doug Jackson, have been extensively published and have taught and lectured all over the place.