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11.19.10 - 01.09.11 | SCI-Arc Gallery
Coy Howard: Part II - Whispers and Echoes

Friday, November 19, 7pm
SCI-Arc director Eric Owen Moss and Coy Howard discuss the two-part exhibition

SCI-Arc Gallery
Reception follows

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A two-part exhibition by SCI-Arc long-time faculty member Coy Howard will be presented in the SCI-Arc Gallery this fall, with Part II: Whispers and Echoes, opening on November 19 and remaining on view through January 9, 2011.

Howard's second exhibition will explore perennial issues of architectural experience in an installation of shrouded forms and Howard’s enigmatic writings on the definition of architecture.

SCI-Arc alum Orhan Ayyuce (B.Arch '81) recently interviewed Coy Howard for Archinect:

    "A group of young architects led by Frank Gehry were making buildings with plywood and drywall but were doing them outrageously. It quickly caught on by the students as most of the group were teaching architecture in UCLA and newly opened SCI-Arc. Unofficially, Coy Howard was the house poet of that dynamic, exploratory and highly mobile group of the moment." Read the full interview >>

Whispers and Echoes

We dance round in a ring and suppose,
But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.*

This is an installation as an invitation to a journey,
a dialogue with absence in the pursuit of presence.

Five objects without names, each implying intimacies.

Five objects doubting their objecthood.

Five objects, all fingerprints and shadows,
each silently eavesdropping,
hearing only covert murmurs in many voices.

Five objects playfully teasing the logic
of analogies seeking a grasp of significance.

Five objects, now you see it now you don't,
a thousand shades of possible.

Each possibility presented as a poem, a story,
or a definition, all whispers and echoes
leaving the Secret in middle that knows.

*Robert Frost