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06.04.10 - 08.01.10 | SCI-Arc Library Gallery
Accident: A Visual Studies Seminar Exhibition

Exhibition Discussion:
Wednesday, July 21, 7pm
SCI-Arc Library Gallery

SCI-Arc Visual Studies Coordinator and design studio faculty Andrew Zago and Director Eric Owen Moss discuss the library gallery exhibition.

Accident, an exhibition of student work from the spring 2010 visual studies seminar taught by Andrew Zago, is on view in the Library Gallery at SCI-Arc through August 1. The exhibition is open to the public.

Student groups:
1 - Matthew Au, Ilya Bourim, Valentin Florescu, Timothy Turner
2 - Rachel Bitan, Joe Carlos, Tiffany Liu, Brett Phillips, Forster Rudolph
3 - Ben Buckalew, Melissa Diracles, Naureen Meyer, Darin Vieira
4 - Christine Forster, Shawdie Hazegh, Anthony Ip, Joseph Saccomanno
5 - Francisco Hermo, Clare Mok, Han Salzmann, Anita Valrygg

To the extent that architecture must resonate with contemporary sensibilities, the accident becomes a relevant new field of inquiry. With the aim of refining experimental techniques in architectural geometry and material, the seminar studied the structure and form of accidents through analog experiments and their digital documentation.

Accidents subvert our instrumental control of the world. Sometimes awful and sometimes gorgeous, accidents, as they unfold, sketch out their own inexorable formal and tectonic logic. Whether occurring across decades, as in the decay of cities and the degradation of the environment, or in a split-second, accidents are, as the theorist Paul Virilio observes, an inevitable consequence of technological assemblies. They are as much a product of our instrumental control of nature as airplanes, buildings and oil wells.

Though a perennial counterpoint to human achievement, the accident has evolved from an occasional, disturbing departure from our intentions into an expected, if dreaded, feature of contemporary life. Distinct from both formalist composition and generative assemblies, accident establishes a new category of form in architecture with a concomitant sensibility that now insinuates itself into contemporary consciousness.