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06.04.10 - 07.18.10 | SCI-Arc Gallery
davidclovers: Immuring

David Erdman and Clover Lee or davidclovers and SCI-Arc Director Eric Owen Moss discuss Immuring
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The exhibition remains on view in the SCI-Arc Gallery through July 18.

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Gallery Photos: Rafael Sampaio-Rocha
Discussion + Reception: Rafael Sampaio-Rocha & Julian Brummit

Exhibition discussion:
Architects David Erdman & Clover Lee, and SCI-Arc Director Eric Owen Moss discuss Immuring
Friday, June 4, 7pm
Opening reception follows

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davidclovers' installation, Immuring, invigorates the relationship between architectural graphic and architectural mass through the re-examination of fresco in a contemporary context. The touch off point for this installation is the design of a 2,500-square foot speculative home for Hometta, Inc. (Lunar House) that started in early 2008. This exhibition showcases the culmination of davidclovers' two-year collaboration with Los Angeles-based artist C.E.B. Reas, DuPont China Ltd., Speed Top (Hong Kong) Limited and E-Grow (Shanghai) on this project.

Similar to the fresco's traditional role as an illusive device - making what is two dimensional appear three dimensional - the interaction between Reas' work and davidclovers centers on the vibration between dimensions. The design brings together the 2D/4D algorithmic line work of Reas' Processing platform and the 3D architectural massing and tectonic of davidclovers.

Immuring, a term davidclovers borrows from Heinrich Wülfflin's description of partially embedded Baroque columns, is the constant state of agitation between these dimensions and elements – in heightened form.

Six full-scale prototypes explore different ways in which texture, window openings, seams and illumination ride the delicate boundary between detachment and embedment. Using two innovative and unique cladding materials - Corian Exterior and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete - a dense network of algorithmically generated lines pushes the material to its limit; subtracting to the point of translucency or building up to the point of vault-like webbing. As an ensemble, all six prototypes are configured in the gallery to maximize spatial interplay and give one a sense of what it is like to live in, amongst and around this new form of frescoed Lunarscape.

design by davidclovers: David Erdman, Clover Lee, Jason Dembski, Shawna Krantz, Fei Mui, Yvette Herrera.

In collaboration with: C.E.B. Reas, DuPont China Ltd., Speed Top (Hong Kong) Limited, E-Grow.

This exhibition is made possible with the generous sponsorship and support of DuPont China Ltd., Speed Top (Hong Kong) Limited and E-Grow.

About davidclovers:

davidclovers brings together the practices of David Erdman and Clover Lee. Established in 2007, their work explores architectural mass and its somatic potentials. In 2009 davidclovers relocated from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, immersing the studio into an actively maturing Southeast Asian design culture.

Committed to the intelligent and innovative use of materials, their work moves between urban design, interiors and product design. Recent projects include artist housing for the Greater Beijing Arts District and a proposal for the Taipei Pop Music Center competition. In the US, they completed the design of Lunar House for Hometta, Inc. and are designing a guest house in Pennsylvania clad with vibrantly colored, recycled, stainless steel for two Artists called Butterfly House. In Hong Kong, davidclovers completed Yud Yud, a subtly animated storefront nestled within an old neighborhood and construction has begun on a townhouse in Clearwater Bay and a residence on the Peak.

They have lectured widely and been published in many architectural journals and newspapers. Their work has been exhibited in many cities and institutions including the Center Pompidou, MOMA, SF MOMA and the Venice, Hong Kong, Beijing and Korean International Biennales. Their work has been recently featured in Dezeen, MARK and the South China Morning Post Magazine.

David Erdman was a member of the design faculty at the UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design from 1999-2008. He is currently a Visiting Professor at Hong Kong University and Rice University. He has previously held Visiting Professorships at U.C. Berkeley, University of Michigan and was a visiting Thesis Advisor at the Southern California Institute of Architecture. In 2008, the American Academy in Rome awarded David the Rome Prize in Design.

Clover Lee is an Assistant Professor at Rice University School of Architecture and the Director of the RSA China Program. Clover is a Visiting Professor at Hong Kong University and previously held a Visiting Professorship at the University of Michigan.

About our collaborators:

C.E.B. Reas focuses on defining processes and translating them into images. He is a professor of Design Media Arts at the University of California, Los Angeles. Reas has exhibited his work internationally and with Ben Fry, Reas initiated in 2001.

DuPont China Ltd. is the manufacturer and engineer of Corian Exterior cladding and the primary donor and support mechanism behind this research.

Speed Top (Hong Kong) Limited is the premiere DuPont Corian fabricator in South East Asia, and in addition to working with davidclovers is currently involved in projects with Zaha Hadid Architects, The Office for Metropolitan Architecture and Foster and Partners.

E-Grow (Shanghai) is a material supplier and composite Glass Fiber Reinforced fabricator working primarily with GFRC, GFRP and GFRG. In addition to working with davidclovers they are currently completing projects with Morphosis, Zaha Hadid Architects and Foster and Partners.