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10.23.09 - 12.13.09 | SCI-Arc Library
Jean-Pierre Hebert: Drawings as Thoughts

Special Lecture: 10.23.09 1pm in the Library, Sketching Scripts, Scripting Drawings

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Opening Reception: 10.23.09 7-9pm in the library

Jean-Pierre Hébert discusses work with students at opening reception for his "Drawings as Thoughts" exhibit on view in the Library Gallery at SCI-Arc

In the SCI-Arc Library Gallery, Jean-Pierre Hébert presents recent computational line drawings. Unlike conceptual art created from instructions given to a draftsperson, the drawings in this show are created from instructions given to a computer and printing device. The concept is precisely set not in English, but in original computer code, using scripting language such as Python, Scheme, or Mathematica.

These works on paper are the result of a process in seven steps, beginning with the initial thought and progressing through clear vision, concept, desire, coding and calculation. Once the computational has been completed, only a single proof is produced on the ink-jet or the plotter: these are hands-off drawings.

Some of the works presented in this installation blend lines with snippets of texts, keywords and quotations flowing with the lines to create an abstract landscape of reveries, thoughts and memories of Hébert's personal architectural readings, encounters and experience.

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