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10.03.08 - 10.12.08 | North Gallery
Design Is One – Milano 2008: A SCI-Arc student installation

Opening reception: Friday, 10/03.08 from 6-8pm

“Milan has many defects, but when it comes to design (and jet-set fashion designers, and La Scala), it remains the center of the universe.”
Alessandro Mendini

"Design Is One" is an installation organized by 14 SCI-Arc students who participated to a three-week seminar in Italy during April-May 2008. Organized more like a field trip than typical academic course, during their visits to Milan, Bologna, Torino and Modena students learned about the development of design fields through a series of site visits to world leading Italian design factories, designer studios and cities that shaped the design field at large in the past centuries. The starting point for the seminar was the 2008 Milan Furniture Fair, the most important European annual event that hosts the protagonists of design from all around the world in the city of Milan for the launch of their new products.

The so-called Italian Style and its way to choreograph the city at different scales has been the unspoken protagonist of the seminar: the class explored how contemporary design disciplines are merging in new ways from the spoon to the city and defined the professional figure of the architect as someone who could and would design buildings, cities and objects with the same involvement.

- Elena Manferdini and Ilaria Mazzoleni, SCI-Arc Design Faculty

SCI-Arc Students:
Lilliana Castro
Timothy Francis
Alan Guillen
Katayoun Karimifard
Sarah Lunsky
Miguel Mercado
Lusine Miribyan
Melody Nazareno
D'anna Olsen
David O'Regan
Sarah Strauch
Alison Sykes
Hailiang Wang
Reine Kit Shun Wong