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JULY 2014


09.15.14 - 09.22.14 | SCI-Arc Gallery
Opening reception: Monday, Sept 15, 7pm
Selected Thesis Exhibition 2014

"A thesis is an individual input into the collective conversation called architecture. It's not about what architecture can do for you; it's about what you can do for architecture."
Hernan Diaz Alonso, SCI-Arc Graduate Programs Chair

Exhibition Discussion & Opening Reception: Monday, Sept 15, 7pm
Best thesis students in conversation with SCI-Arc Director Eric Owen Moss

Eleven graduate thesis projects were selected this year to receive best thesis awards. A juried exhibition of these exceptional projects, including the 2014 Gehry Prize winning theses, will be on view in the SCI-Arc Gallery, September 15-22.

The 2014 Gehry Prize was awarded to three graduate students: Hannah Goodale Pavlovich (M.Arch 1) for Puzzling, coordinated by Eric Owen Moss; Jeffrey Halstead (M.Arch 2) for Glass House, coordinated by Hernan Diaz Alonso; and Mustafa Kustur (M.Arch 2) for I Am Out of Focus, coordinated by Elena Manferdini.

Graduate students honored with Merit Awards include Julian Rui Huang (M.Arch 1) for Visual Occlusion Pop, coordinated by Florencia Pita; Morgan Wright Garrard (M.Arch 1) for 10,000 Year Architecture, coordinated by Wes Jones; Han-Yuan Chang (M.Arch 1) for 9 Arrowians -> Monuments to Le Grand Paris, coordinated by Anna Neimark; Nan-Yen Chen (M.Arch 2) for Hoarding Interiority, coordinated by Elena Manferdini; Sofya Lapina (M.Arch 1) for Aspects of Legibility, coordinated by Marcelyn Gow; Garrett T. Santo (M.Arch 1) for Conditions of Disfigurement, coordinated by Hernan Diaz Alonso; Daiki Tsutsumi (M.Arch 2) for Semordnilap, coordinated by Andrew Zago; and Jordan Squires (M.Arch 1) for Assumptions, coordinated by Peter Zellner and Joe Day.